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Creative Spirit

Ahhh…the bliss of a blank canvas and a glass of Bordeaux. It’s true: Art takes patience, technique and ingenuity, but you don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci to make a masterpiece. Whether throwing clay on the potter’s wheel, stroking out sunsets with watercolors or learning to stain glass, we’ve gathered all things artsy and crafty to get your creativity flowing. And no, it’s not just about getting tipsy with paintbrush in hand (although we definitely recommend trying it at some point). Take it outdoors with a wildlife photography course. Blow delicate creations from fiery hot glass. Get inspired while strolling among walls of mesmerizing murals…the options are as endless as the colors on your palette.


Normal can be boring. Lucky for the inquisitive types, whose reaction is “sure, why not!” to peculiar propositions, the world is chock-full of eccentric, out-of-the-box experiences—if you know where to look. From drinking tea with cats at yoga class to foraging for salad in the woods, we’re serving up a selection of unusual activities we’re certain you’ve never tried…or knew existed. Learn to drive a massive bulldozer, bounce around in a trampoline-lined fun house or even ride a camel (in Washington, nonetheless). Get ready: Your weekend plans just got a whole lot cooler. Or weirder. Or both.


From the raging Colorado River to the dusty Sahara Desert, planet earth is a vast and dynamic place. Towering mountain peaks, coral reefs bursting with life, colors fading over a seaside sunset—these are the wonders that fuel us to explore. But it’s a wild world out there, and those same features that make Earth so glorious can be equally dangerous as they are inspiring. That’s why we’ve assembled our ultimate survival guide: No matter where your next adventure leads, this is your basecamp for all things self sufficiency. From fire building workshops to outdoor weaving classes, wilderness boot camps to tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse (hey, you never know), more knowledge means more epic experiences. Equip yourself with the best tools for getting out there—and being safe while doing it.  

Escape Room

You’re trapped. A labyrinth of tangled ropes, creepy clues, chained chests, rhymes, riddles and brain teasers lie between you and freedom—and time is running out. Think “Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets” meets “National Treasure” meets “Inception.” Sound like a weird dream? It kind of feels like it…except waking up won’t help you. Skyrocketing in popularity, these complex enclosures have been spreading like wildfire over the past five years. And with hundreds available across the U.S.—ranging from zombie labs to haunted shipwrecks—there’s no better time to give it a try. Gather your friends, your wits and sense of adventure: The clock is ticking.

On the Water

Wannabe mermaids, seasoned snorkelers and jet ski junkies: this one’s for you. Float, paddle, splash and glide your way through our Water Wonderland, a roundup of all things aquatic and awesome. Whether it’s days of diving, kayaking to hidden waterfalls or peaceful yoga sessions on a private yacht, we’ve got amphibious activities to keep you swimmin’ in fun all year long. Try an SUP fitness class, learn to kiteboard, make some wakes on a jet ski or snorkel with sea turtles—the water’s waiting!


Here’s something we can all agree on: Relaxing rules. When we’re so busy hiking, biking, snorkeling and—oh yeah, working!— finding downtime to unwind and recharge is crucial. The art of chilling out is a subjective one, though; Some choose a book on a breezy sailboat, while others prefer a meditative hike with Mother Nature. We assembled all things calm and cool here, so the hard part is done. Yoga classes, stand-up paddleboarding sessions, serene escapes and even yoga with kittens await to soothe your stressed-out self. All there’s left to do is pick one, close your eyes, and say, “Ahhh…”


Breeze on your face like a Covergirl ad, turning pedals like you’re slicing through Jell-O, quads bulging bigger than Popeye’s biceps…Cycling just feels good. Whether you’re wheeling to work or raising the roof in your Soul Cycle class, the whole Tour de France has nothin’ on you. Bikes are excellent exercise and a killer way to sightsee, so naturally we can’t get enough. We’ve got a two-wheeled adventure to take you through every terrain. Fat-tire or road—even electric? The choice is yours.

Mother’s Day

She’s the one who carried you around for nine months straight, the one who loved you as a bratty 14-year-old, and the one who still makes you promise to “Text me when you get there!”—when you’re thirty…Our mothers are our adventuring idols and our biggest inspiration, so we compiled this collection just for them: An ode to the ladies who first showed us how to #GetOutThere. Find stories, activities and getaways for two, perfect for making memories with Momma.

Into the Wild

It’s official: ZOZI’s joined the wild side. You won’t find us dancing on the tables ‘til dawn, though. We’re flocking towards all things roaring, soaring, feathery and fluffy. Here we’ve herded up safaris, wildlife encounters and animal adventures (and sprinkled in a few adorable animal photos, too). You’ll be saying, “Oh my!” to more than just lions, tigers and bears in these tours and activities: Encounter critters like gibbons, whales, crocodiles and more. The world’s got a whole lot of exotic to offer, so get out there—this Earth wasn’t made for scaredy cats.


At ZOZI, we like to think every day is an opportunity for an epic adventure worth capturing. Whether you’re an avid Instagram-scroller or a seasoned Polaroid-snappin’ pro, we’ve got something for you in our Shutterbug Collection. Capture epic sunsets in Hawaii, spend a day documenting the streets of Boston, or shoot the Grand Canyon with an expert guide. “Aperture,” “aspect ratio,” and “al servo” sound like gibberish to you? No problem—we’ve got classes and workshops for photography fans of all levels. Can you say “Cheese?!”


Nothing defines San Francisco quite like Karl. That looming white pillow who comes and goes, periodically whiting-out the skies, erasing evidence of the whole world outside the peninsula. Responsible for quirks such as the non-golden Golden Gate Bridge (International Orange is most easily seen through fog), the quintessential sweatshirt style donned by 90 percent of the city, and the eerie old foghorn that rings out across the water, the big fluff has infiltrated the city in more than just the literal sense. Here, we’ve rounded up activities indoors and out that are perfect for a foggy San Francisco day. So don’t let Karl ruin your weekend plans—instead, embrace him in all his misty wonder!

Adrenaline Junkie

It’s the reason people jump out of planes with no parachute, the cause of crazy cliff divers, the reason Fast and Furious has been able to make seven movies, and certainly the reason why horror movies even exist. Adrenaline: that wonderful little hormone the adrenal gland releases in response to external stress. While some are more hard-core junkies than others, it’s hard to deny that an adrenaline rush just feels good. We’ve compiled the way-up-high, the super-speedy and the borderline-crazy, all in one collection. So prepare your adrenal gland: This is going to be insane.

Back to School

Dust off your textbooks and zip up your backpacks: A new school year is upon us. While for some, “Back to School” means rushing to stock up on binders and mechanical pencils, we’re keeping the focus on the spirit of learning. Need a challenge? Try a climbing boot camp or a boxing class. Right brain needing some exercise? Book a glassblowing workshop or a painting course. Looking for a history lesson? A trek in Machu Picchu is far more memorable than a chapter in a book. Flashcards and laptops can do wonders, but don’t limit your scholarly self to the library. Some things are best learned by getting out there.

Labor Day

What’s the best way to honor the hard work of the American labor force? By not working, of course! An extra day off means ample exploring opportunities, so don’t let it sneak up on you. We all want Labor Day Weekend to be equal parts exciting, relaxing and adventurous—but with the internet’s information overload, finding and planning these shenanigans can be difficult—even laborious. At ZOZI, we work to take the work out of your adventures; effortless booking means maximum fun. Pop down to our Labor Day Collection, pick your ideal weekend activities and getaways, and then do a victory dance—having fun was never meant to be a chore.

Inspired to Perspire

Exercise. Some despise it, some thrive off it, but one thing for we know for certain: We can’t live without it. Staying fit is crucial to good health, but it also helps you get out there to the max. Don’t sweat it if you’re in need of a workout routine overhaul. Our Inspired to Perspire Collection contains energetic activities and vigorous getaways guaranteed to be both fun and a little heart-pumping. Mountain bike in backcountry, SUP the river rapids, twist up in aerial yoga, or even go all out and Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Trust us—sweat’s never been so worth it.

View From Above

We’ve all dreamt of flying at some point in life. We wish we could make that a reality here at ZOZI…but we’ve got something pretty close: The View From Above Collection. Here we’ve compiled our activities and getaways that bring you to the tallest tippy-tops, plus inspiration from those who thrive from getting way, way up high. Ride the world’s most gorgeous ski lift, soar down the most jaw-dropping zip lines, even learn to be the pilot and take aerial control—all things immense, lofty and elevated are fair game. Those fancy high-rise apartments down the road? They’re lookin’ pretty teeny right now.

Feelin’ Swells

It’s 7a.m. and you’ve already been up for ages, bobbing in the saltwater among fellow wave worshippers. We don’t blame you—a great surf session is one of the few things that’ll get us out of bed at the crack of dawn. You don’t have to be Miki Dora to enjoy our Feelin’ Swells Collection though. We’ve got surfing lessons for total newbs, rentals for seasoned shredders, getaways for those who’ll travel the world for the perfect wave, and even board carving workshops for the beachy-crafty types. Gnarly? Cowabunga? Definitely.

A Room With a View

Everyone’s ideal camping experience is different. For some, it’s in the middle of nowhere, while others prefer a cot in a campground with showers nearby (…or a cabin with A/C). One thing we know for certain is that marshmallows can’t roast themselves, and nothing beats waking up to blue sky and fresh wilderness air. In our Room With A View Collection, we’ve got a little something for every type of camper. Spend a few days biking and camping, rent a decked-out yurt for a weekend escape with friends, or even make a mountain your wilderness home on a backpacking trip. Penthouse hotel suite? We’ll pass.

Hot Summer Escapes

Temps are high, obligations are low—It must be summer. Have your beach ball, your sunnies and your Hydro Flask at the ready: We’ve gathered our hottest, sunniest, most action-packed summer adventures all in one place. Hiking in Honolulu? Check. Cycling through Chiang Mai? Definitely. Surfing in Nicaragua? Yup, that too. Don’t worry—we’ll leave some time for a lazy beach escape too. Don’t forget to slather on the sunblock!

Natural Wonders

Step aside, Whoville. Enter: Our Natural Wonders Collection. We’ve conjured up adventures in nature so enchanting and wondrous you’ll think they’re straight from a fantasy book. Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carroll had to have gotten their inspiration from somewhere, right? Dog sledding beneath the glow of the aurora borealis, seeing fields of flowers bloom in unison, watch waterfalls that blaze like fire: We won’t pinch you, just take our word for it—it’s real.

Three Days Away

How do you make a room full of people instantly jump for joy? Just use the words “long” and “weekend’ in the same sentence. But since it’s three days, not three weeks, your weekend adventure needs to be easy to plan, not too far and 100 percent jam-packed with fun. We know: Finding that magic combination is never a piece of cake. So we did the work for you! Our Three Days Away Collection covers cities from coast to coast, so it’s simple to find the best weekend escapes from your city—complete with tunes, activities and local insight to really ice that cake. Pack your bags. It’s time to hit the road.

Hit the Trail

In need of a little wilderness therapy? Consider our Hit the Trail Collection your guide to the spas of the outdoors—all things woodsy, all over the country (and globe)! Walk beneath towering Redwood canopies, tip-toe over volcanoes in Ecuador, even trek with llamas in Machu Picchu. Whether you’re seeking a quick escape from the Big Apple or two weeks on Mount Everest, we’ve got the insider tips, comprehensive park guides and talented guided tour operators to get you there. Now where’s my walkin’ stick?

National Parks

It’s party time: We have now been preserving our land’s most amazing, most pristine natural environments for an entire century. To us at ZOZI, that means 100 whole years of giving well-deserved respect to our nation’s finest adventuring grounds, and if that’s not worth celebrating, we don’t know what is. Party appropriately: Get out there! We’ve got activities and tours in Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Zion—plus under-the-radar parks like Petrified Forest, Wind Cave, Dry Tortugas and more. We’ve got deep canyons to climb, towering trees to admire, icy mountains to conquer and vast deserts to traverse. Sound like a lofty to-do list? Ole’ Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

A Taste for Travel

Whether it’s a burger and fries, some neatly rolled sushi or a perfectly fluffy tiramisu, everyone’s got a weakness. After all, food powers our adventures—literally. Cleanse your palate and come hungry, oven mitt on each hand, because we’ve cooked up a mouth-watering collection of all things tasty and scrumptious. Learn to perfect your grill marks, relive Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in an indulgent sampling session, or feast your eyes on art inspired by local flavor and spice. The opportunities for delectable tours and activities are so endless, you’ll probably want a second serving…and a third. Watch out, Gordon Ramsay: There’s a new master chef in town.

San Francisco

Maybe we’re a little biased, but San Francisco’s got the whole package. Wanna hike? Try Twin Peaks, Corona Heights or Lands End. Want to try a new restaurant? Got a new one for every night of the year. Need a little history lesson? Timewarp to the 70s in the Haight. What other city lets you bathe on the beach, watch sea lions splash in the water, sail the Bay and eat a life-changing burrito all in one day? From the misty Sunset to the sunny Mission, and the hilly Presidio to the seaside Marina, there’s an eclectic neighborhood to please everyone. And as if you’d need an escape, Point Reyes, Marin and Napa Valley are approximately a stone’s throw away. Clearly we’re in love: This collection of tours and activities is our ode to the Foggy City.

Los Angeles

Vast dusty deserts, an extensive arts scene, and white-and-blue beaches that look straight off a postcard—it’s no wonder the movies chose the City of Angels as their stomping grounds. But let’s have a little smalltalk: How about that weather? Los Angeles’s sunny demeanor allows year-round, nonstop adventuring. Surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling. Hiking, biking, rock climbing. And this is only the beginning. Check our collection for your go-to guide to the best activities of L.A.


They call Seattle “The Emerald City” for the lush and verdant greenery that embellishes the region, but this nickname is well deserved beyond the literal sense. Don’t let the dreary weather fool you – the Pacific Northwest is a magical utopia with everything you need to be happy in life: epic outdoor adventures, local craft beer, and clam chowder. The things you can do and experience in this city go far beyond touring the Space Needle or Pike Place Market. This collection will inspire you to do just that. Get after it!

Scenic Escapes

When you need a break, you need a break, and this collection has it handled. Welcome to your fresh-air-gorgeous-views central: All things breathtaking, heart-stopping and downright unbelievable. Here, we’ve collected getaways and activities in the world’s most beautiful places. Think the mountains of Peru, the deserts of Morocco, the bright blue waters of Hawaii—and much, much more. The world is bursting with scenic landscapes. Get out there and explore them!

New York

Ahhhh, the Big Apple. There’s a reason people sport those “I Heart NY” t-shirts: This place will sweep you off your feet. The city never sleeps…because there’s so much to do. Head to Broadway, the MET, or Brooklyn for your artsy fix. Name any cuisine in the world, and New York’s probably got it (plus the best bagels…and pizza…and pretzels). And for the outdoorsy types, there’s good ol’ Central Park, the green space so huge and gorgeous that it’s one of the most filmed places in the world. We had to honor those towering skyscrapers, those yellow cabs and of course, the big green Lady Liberty. Here’s the best tours and activities of NYC.


Carve some pumpkins, call up your dentist (thanks, candy corn) and make those final adjustments to your costume—then take the season to the next level in an activity with a little seasonal scare. Certain to have even your most courageous pals breaking a sweat, our Halloween Collection’s filled with all things eerie and scream-inducing. Find the world’s spookiest destinations, our staff’s scariest stories, and book anything from a hair-raising haunted house tour or a sinister ghost walk to a nightmarish escape room experience. Just remember: No scaredy cats allowed.


Crisp mountain air? Check. Gorgeous mountain views in every direction? Double check. Endless outdoor activities? Absolutely. Take all that, combine it with some amazing craft beers and voila! You’ve landed yourself in Denver, Colorado.Denver is consistently named among the best places to live in the U.S.—and it’s easy to see why. Of course, we love the skiing opps available from this Rocky Mountain city, but the fun certainly doesn’t stop at the slopes. Our Denver collection’s got all the best things to do around the Mile High City—in every season. So whether you’re a hiker, biker, climber or hops enthusiast, there’s something sure to please.


Cut yourself a big ole slice of Chicago—and maybe some deep dish, too—with our local lowdown collection on the Windy City. Longtime residents and tourists alike will feel the magic (and the breeze) with history walks, architecture tours, chocolate tastings, and pizza-eating extravaganzas at the Chicago’s finest local jaunts. Experience some of the country’s most gorgeous parks and trails wind through this landlocked city-by-the-beach with bike tours, horseback rides and even guided sailing trips—you’ll probably forget that Lake Michigan’s not an ocean. And of course, don’t forget to snap a photo with the Bean.


Maybe it’s the cobblestone streets drenched in U.S. history. Maybe it’s the academic atmosphere from the 35 universities that call it home. Or maybe it’s drinking a Sam Adams under the yellow-orange leaves while rowers cut swiftly through the Charles…Boston’s got a whole lot of charm. Our Boston local lowdown collection’s got a little of everything that’s made this city irresistible for 350 years and counting. From exploring the Boston Harbor to wining and dining your way down the Freedom Trail, to sailing and hot air ballooning, your Beantown bucket list just grew a lot larger. Enjoy!

Washington, D.C.

Ahhh…the nation’s capital: No other city is so saturated in history and initiative. Carpe diem and dive right into D.C.’s best with our Washington, D.C. local lowdown collection. Wind through towering monuments and fluffy pink cherry trees, stumble on cuisines from anywhere imaginable, and find a museum for even the most niche topics. Then hit the trails for foliage and endless Potomac views. City guides, weekend getaways, local quirks and visitor must-sees are all included on this bill, so embrace the go-getter atmosphere and start signing off on these momentous activities around town. You’ll make ol’ Honest Abe proud.