Getting Started

Airtable is a spreadsheet and organization tool that will keep your life on track.

Lose those pesky sticky notes and load your lists, photos, contacts and data onto Airtable. It's a platform to help organize your classes, study for exams, keep track of club meetings, make team rosters, import data sheets, and straighten up just about anything in your life that could use a little structure. And to make your life even easier, you can share it with anyone and edit it anywhere.

Check out Airtable's template packs for anything from startups and sales to events and travel plans.

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Exam Prep Made Easy


Airtable's customizable tables make it simple to collaborate on group projects, build study guides, and organize information from your notes.

Detailed Rosters for Your Club or Team


Manage a roster or class list all in one place with cells that hold images and attachments .

Plan for Success


Create a comprehensive list of course times, favorite professors, prerequisites, and application due dates.

Simplify Your Finances


Check boxes and calendars make budgeting and paying communal bills a breeze.

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